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General Tao counter in Halles Sainte-Foy

Ambassador of the famous General Tao Chinese restaurant on the boulevard Hamel, General Tao Express offers typical dishes from a tradition based on a rich secular culture. Although the quick cookingt and affordable price, the Chinese chefs mixed cleverly before you ultra-fresh aromas foods and secrets in the fire of their woks. Specialty side, the General Tao chicken is very popular and remains customers' favorite . Closely follow the orange beef, shrimp, Szechuan pepper and chicken served with crispy spinach, dishes that connoisseurs  accompany with a soup or home made spring roll. The choice and freshness of the dishes - isn't it what matters? - makes General Tao a reference for regulars of Halles de Sainte-Foy.


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Chef's menu

 Served with soup or spring roll


1   Various chinese vegetables 10.95$
2   General Tao chicken 11.95$
3   Chicken with pepper  11.95$
4   Orange beef 11.95$
5   Szechuan shrimp 12.95$
6   Shrimp and cashew nut 12.95$


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Vegetarian - Gluten Free

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